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Some Records of BAGSHAW in Earl Sterndale &c (1542-1916)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
Other Forenames:
Abraham to Grace
Abraham to Grace
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Forenames Hannah to Nicholas

Other Forenames:
Olive to Winifred
Olive to Winifred

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
560BAGSHAW, HanneC24 Sep 1717fa Roberti BAGSHAW/:et Marie ux.; de EarlsterndaleHartingtonPR
561BAGSHAW, HannahC24 Aug 1727fil Hugo/:et Ann BAGSHAW; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
562BAGSHAW, HannahC07 Feb 1729/30fil John/:et Ruth BAGSHAW; de AbneyHopePR/GT
563BAGSHAW, HannahC__ Mar 1731fil George/:et Mary BAGSHAW; de ?Hope? (early Mar)HopePR/GT
564BAGSHAW, HannahC__ Jan 1733/4spurius Mary BAGSHAW/; de SmaldaleHopePR/GT
565BAGSHAW, HannahM16 Feb 1748/9Samuel BLACKWELLEyamPR
566BAGSHAW, Hannah (d.1749)C22 Oct 1749d. George BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonIB
567BAGSHAW, Hannah (b.1749)S07 Jan 1749/50d. George BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonIB
568BAGSHAW, HannahS07 Jan 1761d. Benj. BAGSHAW/; of Little HucklowHopePR/GT
569BAGSHAW, HanahC30 Nov 1788d. Hanah/Isaac BAGSHAW; b.3.11: order sic.BuxtonTR
570BAGSHAW, HannahM06 Jan 1796Samuel BLACKWELL; both o.t.p.EyamPR
571BAGSHAW, Hannah (X: o.t.s.p.)M09 Jan 1800Robert BAGSHAW; sg: of Brushfield: Lic. W{An/Dn}BakewellPR/IB
572BAGSHAW, HannahS10 Mar 1803from Burbage; aged 67 [?]FairfieldEB
573BAGSHAW, Hannah (d.1822)C25 Mar 1803d. William/Sarah BAGSHAWE.SterndaleIB
574BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg: of Priestcliffe t.p.)M22 Jul 1805Ralph WOODDISSE; sg: o.t.p. Hartington: Lic.BakewellPR/IB
575BAGSHAW, Hannah (X:sp.)M23 Dec 1805Joseph WHEELDON; X: o.t.p. HusbandmanE.SterndalePR/IB
576BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg: Bakewell)M14 Apr 1806Geo BAGSHAW; sg: o.t.p. Husbandman: Lic.E.SterndalePR
577BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg:of Burbage p.Harting.)M05 May 1807James HAMSON; sg: of Buxton p.BakewellBakewellPR/IB
578BAGSHAW, HannahC12 Jun 1808d. George/Hannah BAGSHAW; of High NeedhamE.SterndaleIB
579BAGSHAW, HannahC15 Jul 1810d. Elizabeth BAGSHAW/; b.-BuxtonEB
580BAGSHAW, HannahW06 May 1816William BAGSHAW/Esther JOHNSONBakewellPR/IB
581BAGSHAW, Hannah (?née Swindell)S12 Dec 1819of Upper Qtr; aged 37E.SterndalePR
582BAGSHAW, HannahW24 Aug 1820James LOWE/Rachel BAGSHAWBakewellPR/IB
583BAGSHAW, HannahC29 Oct 1820natural d. Ann BAGSHAW/; BakewellBakewellIB
584BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg)M03 Sep 1821James GOODWIN; sg: both of Taddington i.t.p.BakewellPR/IB
585BAGSHAW, Hannah (b.1803)S31 Jan 1822of CrowdyCote; aged 19E.SterndalePR
586BAGSHAW, Hannah (m.1841)C24 Nov 1822John/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
587BAGSHAW, Hannah (née Norton)S27 Sep 1823w. Samuel BAGSHAW/; aged 47: of Dog Hole BrookFairfieldEB
588BAGSHAW, Hannah (m.1843)C26 Jan 1824Robert/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: LabourerBuxtonIB
589BAGSHAW, HannahM       1825George Outram COOPEREyamJB
590BAGSHAW, Hanh.C25 Jan 1825John/Jane BAGSHAW; Crowdicote: LabourerE.SterndaleIB
591BAGSHAW, Hanh.C16 Oct 1825Elizth. BAGSHAW/; Chapel-en-le-Frith: Servt.E.SterndaleIB
592BAGSHAW, HannahW18 Oct 1827Isaac BRUNT/Amilia STREETBakewellPR
593BAGSHAW, Hanh.W21 Apr 1828Henry NEAL/Martha MILLWARDE.SterndalePR
594BAGSHAW, Hannah (b.14.12.1830)C02 Jan 1831Samuel/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: LabourerBuxtonIB
595BAGSHAW, Hannah (X: a.22: sp.)M03 May 1841George BENNET; X: a.23: ba. CollierE.SterndalePR/IB
596BAGSHAWS, Hannah (m.1868)C04 Jan 1842George/Hannah BAGSHAWS; Green Cowden: FarmerBakewellIB
597BAGSHAW, HannahW27 Sep 1843Samuel WARD/Elizabeth MYCOCKBuxtonPR/IB
598BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg: a.21: sp.)M20 Dec 1843Robert RAYNER; sg: a.21: ba. LabourerE.SterndalePR/IB
599BAGSHAW, HannahC21 Dec 1845William/Mary BAGSHAW; Crowdicote: LabourerE.SterndaleIB
600BAGSHAW, Hannah (X: sp.o.f.a.)M27 Dec 1845William NADIN; sg: ba.o.f.a. LabourerBakewellPR/IB
601BAGSHAW, HannahC07 Nov 1847Ralph/Ann BAGSHAW; High Needham: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
602BAGSHAW, HannahW04 Jan 1858William BAGSHAW/Clarissa BAGSHAWBakewellPR/IB
603BAGSHAW, HannahS11 Mar 1860of Burbage; aged 15dyFairfieldIB
604BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg:sp.o.f.a.)M08 Oct 1860William HILL; sg:ba.o.f.a. LabourerHartingtonPR/IB
605BAGSHAW, Hannah (sg: sp.o.f.a.)M25 Feb 1868George WALLWIN; sg:ba.o.f.a. Farmer:Lic. W{Wm/G}BakewellPR/IB
606BAGSHAW, Hannah HarropS28 Nov 1792N.O.D.FairfieldEB
607BAGSHAW, Hannah HarropC04 Mar 1821Charles/Martha BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
608BAGSHAW, Harriet (m.1845)C26 Nov 1820Robert/Hannah BAGSHAW; Moniash: FarmerMonyashIB
609BAGSHAWE, Harriet (sg 'Bagshaw': sp.o.f.a.)M28 May 1845Richard FINNEY; sg: ba.o.f.a. Farmer: Lic.BakewellPR/IB
610BAGSHAW, HarrietC22 Feb 1852Joseph/Anne BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
611BAGSHAW, HarrietS07 Aug 1863of Monyash; aged 6wkE.SterndaleIB
612BAGSHAW, HarriettW01 Apr 1872John KEELING/Sarah BAGSHAWHartingtonPR/IB
613BAGSHAW, HarrietS26 Jul 1873of Street; aged 43E.SterndaleIB
614BAGSHAW, Harriet (sp.)L05 Jul 1874Joseph Vernon; ba. b.o.t.p.BurbageIB
615BAGSHAW, HarrietC29 Jun 1883John/Margaret BAGSHAW; Monyash: LabourerMonyashIB
616BAGSHAWE, HenryP       1585(108); AdminIB
617BAGSHAWE, HenryP       1600(32)IB
618BAGSHAW, Henry (d.1677)C30 Apr 1676s. Thomas/Mary BAGSHAWBakewellIB
619BAGSHAW, Henry (b.1676)S30 May 1677s. Thomas/Mary BAGSHAWBakewellIB
620BAGSHAW, Henry (d.1698)C07 Mar 1697/8s. William BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of [Redish green ?]Chapel enle F.IB
621BAGSHAW, Henry (b.1697)S10 Jul 1698s. William BAGSHAW/Chapel enle F.IB
622BAGSHAW, Henry (of Alstonley)M14 Apr 1711Ellin KYRKE; b.o.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
623BAGSHAW, HenryX       1717ChurchwardenChapel enle F.IB
624BAGSHAWE, HenryC31 Jan 1728/9s. Henry BAGSHAWE/:& h/w; of Alston LeeChapel enle F.IB
625BAGSHAW, HenryX       1752/3ChurchwardenChapel enle F.IB
626BAGSHAW, HenryC02 Jun 1753s. Robert BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of Allstone LeeChapel enle F.IB
627BAGSHAW, HenryS31 May 1777of Alstonlee; in Chapel-en-le-frith parishChapel enle F.IB
628BAGSHAW, HenryW11 Sep 1842Thomas Norvill WILLIS/Elizabeth WOODBakewellPR
629BAGSHAW, HenryS19 Jun 1870of Newton Head Scotland Hall ?; aged 55MonyashIB
630BAGSHAWE, Herbert WilliamC16 Nov 1887William Henry/Sarah BAGSHAWE; Fairfield: FarmerFairfieldIB
631BAGSHAW, HughC2_ Mar 1742fil Thomas/Mary BAGSHAW; of Abney Grange (date: late Mar)HopePR/GT
632BAGSHAW, HughS04 Apr 1753s. Thos. BAGSHAW/; of AbneyHopePR/GT
633BAGSHAW, HughC22 Apr 1813Peter/Elizabeth BAGSHAW; Bakewell: CarrierBakewellIB
634BAGSHAW, IsaacC       1720s. John/Joice BAGSHAWLongnorMF
635BAGSHAW, IsaacM06 Jul 1735Sarah BONSALL; both of Upper FoxlowHartingtonPR
636BAGSHAW, IsaacS10 Nov 1741of Sladen; Affirmations madeBuxtonTR
637BAGSHAW, Isaac (Dupe)P24 Apr 1742of StadenStadenWC
638BAGSHAW, IsaacM02 Jan 1743/4Rebecca TAYLORAlstonfieldIB
639BAGSHAWE, Isaac (d.1748)C20 Jun 1746s. Jno. BAGSHAWE/; of this townChapel enle F.IB
640BAGSHAW, Isaac (b.1746)S09 Oct 1748s. John BAGSHAW/:& h/wChapel enle F.IB
641BAGSHAW, IsaacC       1752s. Isaac/Rebecca BAGSHAWLongnor ?MF
642BAGSHAW, IsaacC20 Jul 1752s. Wm/Dinah BAGSHAWChelmortonIB
643BAGSHAW, IsaacW23 Jan 1755Daniel MECKINSON/Elizabeth REDFERNBakewellTR
644BAGSHAW, IsaacS16 May 1758of King-SterndaleHartingtonPR
645BAGSHAW, Isaac (Dupe)P21 Oct 1758of Kings SterndaleK.SterndaleWI
646BAGSHAW, Isaac (sg: o.t.p. husbandman)M17 Jan 1776Hannah HEATHCOTE; sg: sp.o.t.p. Lic.E.SterndalePR
647BAGSHAW, IsaacM11 Nov 1776Hannah NAYLORAlstonfieldIB
648BAGSHAW, IsaacC17 Apr 1778s. Robert/Mary BAGSHAW; of Fernidale near SterndaleE.SterndalePR
649BAGSHAW, Isaac (twin)C31 Mar 1781s. David/Mary BAGSHAW; FlaggChelmortonIB
650BAGSHAW, IsaacS17 Feb 1790from BuxtonE.SterndalePR
651BAGSHAW, IsaacC12 Aug 1792s. Isaac/Hannah BAGSHAWSheldonPR/JB
652BAGSHAW, IsaacC07 Oct 1792s. George/Ann BAGSHAW; of Earl SterndaleE.SterndalePR
653BAGSHAW/WAINWRIGHT, Isaac (d.1868)S03 Sep 1795s. Willm. BAGSHAW/:& Sarah WAINWRIGHT; Glutton Br.E.SterndalePR
654BAGSHAW, Isaac (sg:ba.o.t.p. Hartington)M31 Aug 1798Lydia SHELDON; X:sp.o.t.p.HartingtonPR/IB
655BAGSHAW, IsaacS       1799Longnor ?MF
656BAGSHAW, Isaac (b.1752)S14 Mar 1799of FlaggChelmortonIB
657BAGSHAW, IsaacS       1802LongnorMF
658BAGSHAW, IsaacS01 Aug 1803N.O.D.MonyashIB
659BAGSHAW, Isaac (d.1814)C15 Jul 1804s. Isaac/Lydia BAGSHAW; Glutton BridgeE.SterndaleIB
660BAGSHAW, Isaac (d.1806)C03 Mar 1805s. William/Sarah BAGSHAW; Earl SterndaleE.SterndaleIB
661BAGSHAW, Isaac (b.1805)S15 Dec 1806s. William/Sarah BAGSHAW; CrowdicoteE.SterndaleIB
662BAGSHAW, Isaac (b.1804)S05 Nov 1814of Leek Moor; aged 10E.SterndalePR
663BAGSHAW, IsaacS04 Jul 1817of Crowdicote; aged 20wkE.SterndaleIB
664BAGSHAW, Isaac (m.1874)C20 Sep 1846George/Hannah BAGSHAW; Green Cowden: FarmerBakewellIB
665BAGSHAW, IsaacW04 Jan 1858William BAGSHAW/Clarissa BAGSHAWBakewellPR/IB
666BAGSHAW, Isaac (b.1792)S11 Oct 1868of Macclesfield; aged 76E.SterndaleIB
667BAGSHAW, IsaacW18 Oct 1870Caleb BAGSHAW/Jane BOOTHMANBakewellPR/IB
668BAGSHAW, Isaac (sg: a.29: ba. Farmer)M28 Apr 1874Mary TOPLIS; sg: a.22: sp.BakewellPR/IB
669BAGSHAWE, IsabelS23 Oct 1602widowHopePR/GT
670BAGSHAW, IsabellaS17 Dec 1681de GrindlowHopePR/GT
671BAGSHAW, IsabellaM2_ Apr 1700Johannes MIDDLETON; de BradwallHopePR/GT
672BAGSHAW, Jacob (m.1799)C       1769s. Isaac/Rebeccah BAGSHAWLongnor ?MF
673BAGSHAW, JacobP26 Jan 1785of ChelmortonChelmortonWC
674BAGSHAW, Jacob (twin/d.1785)C19 Sep 1785s. David/Mary BAGSHAWMonyashPR
675BAGSHAW, Jacob (b.1785)S22 Sep 1785s. David/Mary BAGSHAWMonyashPR
676BAGSHAW, Jacob (b.1769)M16 Sep 1799Mary BALLAlstonfieldIB
677BAGSHAW, Jacob ??W07 Apr 1837William BAGSHAW/Martha NAYLORMonyashPR/IB
678BAGSHAW, JacobS       1845Longnor ?MF
679BAGSHAW, JamesC10 Jan 1674/5s. Mr. Thomas BAGSHAW/:& MaryBakewellIB
680BAGSHAW, James (of Rowland)M06 Dec 1675Jane JACKSON; of BubnellBakewellIB
681BAGSHAW, JamesS21 Nov 1690de SmalldaleHopePR/GT
682BAGSHAW, JamesX       1695churchwardenHopePR/GT
683BAGSHAW, Mr. JamesS11 May 1696BakewellIB
684BAGSHAW, JacobusS21 Jul 1717de AbneyHopePR/GT
685BAGSHAW, JacobusS21 Jul 1717de Abney; (Glenn's ancestor)HopePR/GT
686BAGSHAW, JamesC14 Feb 1722/3fil Geo/:et Mary BAGSHAW; de AbneyHopePR/GT
687BAGSHAW, JamesC20 Dec 1741fil Robt/Ann BAGSHAW; of BradwallHopePR/GT
688BAGSHAW, JamesS25 Aug 1742fil robert BAGSHAW/; of BradwallHopePR/GT
689BAGSHAW, James (m.1852)C23 Oct 1825Charles/Martha BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
690BAGSHAW, James (X:a.27: ba. Collier)M04 Oct 1852Elizabeth NADEN; X:a.24: sp. ServantHartingtonPR/IB
691BAGSHAW, James (d.1905)C11 May 1856John/Jane Ann BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
692BAGSHAW, JamesS09 Aug 1871of Green Lane; aged 3BurbageIB
693BAGSHAW, James (ba. of Burbage)L29 Aug 1880Mary Ward; sp. of BuxtonBurbageIB
694BAGSHAW, James (b.1856)S20 Jan 1905of Monyash; aged 48MonyashIB
695BAGSHAW, James A.W12 Aug 1913William BAGSHAW/Ruth BOWYERMonyashPR/IB
696BAGSHAW, James StewartS02 Nov 1882of The Lodge; aged 10dyBurbageIB
697BAGSHAWE, JoanP       1587(115)IB
698BAGSHAW, JaneM13 Nov 1610Henry FURNIESHopePR/GT
699BAGSHAW, JoanM30 Jan 1610/1Henry FURNIESHopeIG
700BAGSHAW, JoanS24 Jun 1627Widow of FlaggChelmortonIB
701BAGSHALL, JaneS30 Jul 1667fil John BAGSHALL/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
702BAGSHAW, JohanC__ Mar 1691fil Abra/:et Jane BAGSHAW; de BradwallHopePR/GT
703BAGSHAW, JhnaC__ Jun 1692fil Rich/:et Lydia BAGSHAW; de Hucklow mag.HopePR/GT
704BAGSHAW, Johan.S17 Feb 1692/3fil. Adam BAGSHAW/; de Hucklow par.HopePR/GT
705BAGSHAW, JoanaC13 Oct 1695fil Roberti/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de OffertonHopePR/GT
706BAGSHAW, JohanC__ Jun 1700fil Petri/:et Anna BAGSHAW; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
707BAGSHAW, Janem (de Broken Cross: co.Chs.)M12 Nov 1704Phillipam WHELDON; de HartingtonHartingtonIB
708BAGSHAWE, Jana (d.1716)C12 May 1713fil Roberti/:et Anne BAGSHAWE; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
709BAGSHAW, JanaC   Jan 1713/4fil Tho/Sara BAGSHAW; de ___eat _____HopePR/GT
710BAGSHAW, Jana (b.1713)S02 Oct 1716fil Roberti BAGSHAW/; de Great Hucklow (or 3 Oct)HopePR/GT
711BAGSHAW, JanaS__ Mar 1719uxor Johannis BAGSHAW/; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
712BAGSHAW, JaneC__ Apr 1730fil John/:et Margret BAGSHAW; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
713BAGSHAW, JaneM   May 1739George LONGDEN; both o.t.p. HopeHopePR/GT
714BAGSHAW, JaneC29 Sep 1743fil Robt/Ann BAGSHAW; of BradwallHopePR/GT
715BAGSHAW, JoannaM28 Aug 1746John GREGORYHopeTR
716BAGSHAW, JaneM18 Jan 175-Wm MANIFOULDAlstonfieldIB
717BAGSHAW, JaneM15 Sep 176-Jas GRAYAlstonfieldIB
718BAGSHAW, JoanS29 Jul 1761from WhaleyChapel enle F.IB
719BAGSHAW/BASSETT, JaneC20 Mar 1803Wm. BAGSHAW/Jane BASSETTAlstonfieldIB
720BAGSHAW, Jane (m.1858)C05 Jun 1836John/Fanny BAGSHAW; fm. John/Fanny's treeBuxtonIB
721BAGSHAW, JaneC17 Mar 1840natural d. Hannah BAGSHAW/; Burbage: ServantBuxtonIB
722BAGSHAW, Jane (sg: a.22:sp. Servant)M23 Nov 1858William ASHMORE; sg: a.22:ba. Miner: W{Thos}E.SterndalePR/IB
723BAGSHAW, Jane (sg: a.21: sp.)M24 Dec 1868Thomas NADEN; sg: a.23: ba. LabourerE.SterndalePR/IB
724BAGSHAW, JaneS05 Oct 1878of Manchester; aged 45E.SterndaleIB
725BAGSHAW, JaneS16 Apr 1879of Alderley; aged 58MonyashIB
726BAGSHAW, Jane Ann (m.1886)C13 Sep 1857Joseph/Jane BAGSHAW; Middle Street: Farmer [/?Anne]MonyashIB
727BAGSHAW, Jane Ann (sg: a.29: sp.)M19 May 1886Henry WILTON; sg: a.29: ba. Labourer:W{Wm/M-A}MonyashPR/IB
728BAGSHAW, Jane Elizabeth (b.17.5.1858)C13 Jun 1858Joseph/Sarah Ann BAGSHAW; Burbage: LabourerFairfieldIB
729BAGSHAW, Jane Elizabeth (sp. of [Kingley])L13 Apr 1879Francis Morten; ba. of BurbageBurbageIB
730BAGSHAWE, JohnP       1626(47)IB
731BAGSHAW, JohesC20 Feb 1629/30s. Francisci BAGSHAW/BakewellIB
732BAGSHAW, JohnP       1640Mylne House DaleMillers DaleIB
733BAGSHAW, JohnP       1642Chesterfield; AdminChesterfdIB
734BAGSHAWE, JohnC11 Sep 1659Wm. BAGSHAWE/; Wetton in the EndAlstonfieldIB
735BAGSHAWE, JohnC06 Mar 1660/1Robt BAGSHAWE/; HardensboothAlstonfieldIB
736BAGSHALL, JohnS22 Mar 1666/7fil Abraham BAGSHALL/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
737BAGSHALL, JohnM08 Jun 1667Jane DARWENT; de Jrong??HopePR/GT
738BAGSHAW, JohnC07 Jun 1671s. Mr. Thomas BAGSHAW/:& Mary h/wBakewellIB
739BAGSHAWE, JohnC22 Oct 1671Wm. BAGSHAWE/; A (presume Alstonfield)AlstonfieldIB
740BAGSHAW, JohnS17 May 1675de GrindlowHopePR/GT
741BAGSHAW, JohnisS29 Dec 1681fil Petri BAGSHAW/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
742BAGSHAW, JohnesS18 Jul 1688de AbneyHopePR/GT
743BAGSHAW, JohanisC__ Feb 1690/1fil Adami/:et Eliz. BAGSHAW; de Hucklow parvaHopePR/GT
744BAGSHAW, JohanisC__ Oct 1692fil Johan/:et Margaret BAGSHAW; de GrinlowHopePR/GT
745BAGSHAW, JohnM26 Sep 1693Mary SWIFTHopeIG
746BAGSHAW, JohnS29 Oct 1697s. George BAGSHAW/; of the uporoad [upper road ?]Chapel enle F.IB
747BAGSHAW, JohnM20 Aug 1698Eliz CLARKEAlstonfieldIB
748BAGSHAW, JohannesC__ Nov 1699fil Jac./:et Aliciae BAGSHAW; de AbneyHopePR/GT
749BAGSHAW, JohannesC__ Apr 1700fil Johan/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de SmalldaleHopePR/GT
750BAGSHAW, John (of farbradshaw)M07 Feb 1701/2Dorothy BENNETT; widow of OloronshawChapel enle F.IB
751BAGSHAW, JohnC       1703s. John/Joice BAGSHAWLongnorMF
752BAGSHAW, JohnS12 Apr 1704s. George BAGSHAW/; of HollinknowleChapel enle F.IB
753BAGSHW, JohannesC__ May 1706fil Adami/:et Racheelis BAGSHW; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
754BAGSHAW, JohnS11 Jun 1708s. widow BAGSHAW/Chapel enle F.IB
755BAGSHAW, JohnM24 Oct 1708Mary GIBBSAlstonfieldIB
756BAGSHAW, JohnC26 Dec 1710John BAGSHAW/Mary; A. (presume Alstonfield)AlstonfieldIB
757BAGSHAW, JoannesC06 Feb 1710/1fil Roberti/:et Annae BAGSHAW; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
758BAGSHAW, JohnS10 Oct 1711s. Mr. Samuel BAGSHAW/; who dyed at Ashton-under-LineChapel enle F.IB
759BAGSHAW, John (?m.1739)C17 Jul 1714s. Samuel/Margaret BAGSHAW; of AulgraveChapel enle F.IB
760BAGSHAW, JohannesC05 Mar 1715/6fil Tho/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de Hucklow MagnaHopePR/GT
761BAGSHAW, JohannesC18 Nov 1716fil Edvardi/:et ____ BAGSHAW; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
762BAGSHAW, JohannesC07 May 1719fil Johannis/:et Margaraeta BAGSHAW; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
763BAGSHAW, JohannesC14 May 1719fil Will/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de CoplowdaleHopePR/GT
764BAGSHAW, John (Chesterfield)M01 Jan 1720/1Mary BOWER; of Shuterles, AshoverS.WingfieldST
765BAGSHAW, JohannesC04 Jan 1721/2fil Petri/:et Annae BAGSHAW; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
766BAGSHAW, John (?d.1725)C13 Jan 1721/2s. Robert BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of the Marsh GreenChapel enle F.IB
767BAGSHAW, JohannesS26 Sep 1722fil Annis BAGSHAW/; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
768BAGSHAW, JohnS29 May 1723fil Peter BAGSHAW/; de Abney Grange (or 27?)HopePR/GT
769BAGSHAW, John (?b.1721)S29 Apr 1725s. Robt. BAGSHAW/; of HollinknowleChapel enle F.IB
770BAGSHAW, JohnC23 May 1725fil Rob/:et Ann BAGSHAW; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
771BAGSHAW, JohnC12 Nov 1729fil George/:et Mary BAGSHAW; de HaslebadgeHopePR/GT
772BAGSHAW, JohnM17 Apr 1735Margaret ALCOCK; (both) of BuxtonBakewellIB
773BAGSHAW, Jno.S03 Oct 1736N.O.D.BuxtonTR
774BAGSHAW, JohnS13 Nov 1737s. John BAGSHAW/; of AbneyHopePR/GT
775BAGSHAW, JohnS__ Feb 1737/8of GrindloweHopePR/GT
776BAGSHAW, Jno.M01 May 1739Lydia SHIRT; both of Chapel townChapel enle F.IB
777BAGSHAW, JohnC19 Feb 1739/40fil Thos/Mary BAGSHAW; of Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
778BAGSHAW, JohnS03 Nov 1742of OffertonHopePR/GT
781BAGSHAW, JohnC       1744s. Isaac/Rebecca BAGSHAWLongnor ?MF
782BAGSHAW, JohnM29 Mar 1744Ellen WARDLEAlstonfieldIB
783BAGSHAW/MELLOR, JohnC06 Sep 1748Wm. BAGSHAW/Phebe MELLOR; illegitmateAlstonfieldIB
784BAGSHAW, JohnS21 Nov 1748s. George BAGSHAW/; of HaslebadgeHopePR/GT
785BAGSHAW, JohnM21 May 1751Elizabeth LOMAS; b.o.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
786BAGSHAW, JohnS   Oct 1752of Further BradshawChapel enle F.IB
787BAGSHAW, John (sg: of Beeley)M15 Oct 1758Eliz ALLSOP; X: o.t.p. SheenBakewellPR/IB
788BAGSHAW, JohnM22 Nov 1759Eliz BESTWICKAlstonfieldIB
789BAGSHAW, JohnC06 May 1762s. John/Eliz: BAGSHAW; HardingsboothLongnorBT
790BAGSHAW, JohnW25 Dec 1763John NEEDHAM/Sarah SWANBakewellPR
791BAGSHAW, JohnC15 Jul 1764s. Thos/Elizeabeth BAGSHAW; of ChelmortonSheldonTR
792BAGSHAW, JohnC14 Oct 1764s. George BAGSHAW/; at Marsh Green i.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
793BAGSHAW, JohnS12 Sep 1768s. Samuel BAGSHAW/; of GrindlowHopePR/GT
794BAGSHAW, JohnS12 Oct 1768of Hardinsbooth Farm; Staff.LongnorMF
795BAGSHAW, John (ba.o.t.p.)M23 Nov 1778Elizabeth OUTRAM; sp.Eyam: Lic.HopeTR
796BAGSHAW, John (d.1805)C29 Dec 1778s. Charles/Hannah BAGSHAW; of BurbageHartingtonPR
797BAGSHAW, JohnC10 Sep 1780s. Robert BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of Hollinknowle i.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
798BAGSHAW, JohnS13 May 1788N.O.D.FairfieldEB
799BAGSHAW, JohnW01 Jun 1789Edward COOPER/Margaret OUTRAMEyamPR
800BAGSHAW, JohnP06 Aug 1790of Earl SterndaleE.SterndaleWI
801BAGSHAW, JohnC24 Jul 1791s. George/Ann BAGSHAW; of Earl SterndaleE.SterndalePR
802BAGSHAW, John (b.1778)S06 Feb 1805of Burbage; aged 29FairfieldEB
803BAGSHAW, JohnW10 Oct 1811Joseph NEEDHAM/Hannah HOROBINHartingtonIB
804BAGSHAW, JohnW18 May 1812Robert DRABBLE/Elizabeth BAGSHAWHartingtonPR/IB
805BAGSHAW, John (sg:ba.o.t.p. Hartington)M03 Dec 1812Esther NEEDHAM; sg:sp.o.t.p.HartingtonPR/IB
806BAGSHAW, John (b.26.10.1814)C12 Dec 1819Robert/Hannah BAGSHAW; Upper Qtr: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
807BAGSHAW, John (sg: ba.o.t.p. Miner)M05 Feb 1822Mary TURNER; sg: sp.o.t.p. w.c.o.p.E.SterndalePR/IB
808BAGSHAW, John (sg:)M28 Oct 1823Susannah FROST; X: both of Taddington i.t.p.BakewellPR/IB
809BAGSHAW, John (b.16.10.1826)C03 Nov 1826Robert/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
810BAGSHAW, JohnM24 Dec 1827Tabitha HANDLEYEyamIG
811BAGSHAW, JohnC10 Feb 1833William/Mary BAGSHAW; Fearnydale: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
812BAGSHAW, John (b.22.3.1835)C10 May 1835Joseph/Olive BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
813BAGSHAW, John (d.1840)C03 May 1840Samuel/Mary BAGSHAW; Wildboor Clough Cheshire: FarmerMonyashIB
814BAGSHAW, John (b.1840)S30 Dec 1840of Wild Boarclough; aged 8moMonyashIB
815BAGSHAW, JohnW22 Sep 1841John WARDLE/Mary BAGSHAWE.SterndalePR/IB
816BAGSHAW, John (b.1826)S05 Apr 1842of Burbage; aged 15FairfieldEB
817BAGSHAW, JohnW28 May 1845Richard FINNEY/Harriet BAGSHAWEBakewellPR/IB
818BAGSHAW, JohnM11 Nov 1850Jane Ann BRIDDON; fm. treeMonyashIB
819BAGSHAW, John (b.11.9.1852)C07 Nov 1852Mathew/Hannah BAGSHAW; Fairfield: LabourerFairfieldIB
820BAGSHAW, JohnW10 Oct 1853John CURRAN/Betsy HARRISONE.SterndalePR
821BAGSHAW, John (X: a.31: ba. Labourer)M29 May 1865Barbara STREET; sg: a.39: sp. W{Josp}E.SterndalePR/IB
822BAGSHAW, JohnS31 Jul 1867of Burbage; aged 76BurbageIB
823BAGSHAW, JohnS18 Dec 1879of Row Bank Burbage; aged 77BurbageIB
824BAGSHAW, JohnC06 Jun 1899Joseph/Dorothy BAGSHAW; Hartington: FarmerHartingtonIB
825BAGSHAW, John ThomasC15 Jun 1851John/Jane BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
826BAGSHAW, JohnathanM       1623Margarets HOLMEBakewellIB
827BAGSHAW, JonathanM28 Aug 1700Rebecka DRABLEBradfieldSD
828BAGSHAW, JosephS18 Mar 1765& John; of GrindloweHopePR/GT
829BAGSHAW, ?JosephC20 Sep 1768s. Charles/Hannah BAGSHAW; of BurbageHartingtonPR
830BAGSHAW, JosephC28 Dec 1780s. Nathaniel BAGSHAW/; HollinscloughLongnorBT
831BAGSHAW, JosephS20 May 1781s. Isaac/Hannah BAGSHAW; of BuxtonE.SterndalePR
832BAGSHAW, JosephC26 Nov 1797s. Eliz: BAGSHAW/; WorkhouseE.SterndalePR
833BAGSHAW, JosephC20 Oct 1801s. Charles/... BAGSHAW; of BurbageFairfieldEB
834BAGSHAW, Joseph (sg:)M17 Jul 1805Mary BUXTON; sg: both of Priestcliffe i.t.p.BakewellPR/IB
835BAGSHAW, JosephC07 May 1807s. Mathew BAGSHAW/; b.9.1.BuxtonEB
836BAGSHAW, Joseph (sg: ba.o.t.p. Miner)M16 Feb 1824Olive SALT; sg: sp.o.t.p. w.c.o.p.E.SterndalePR/IB
837BAGSHAW, JosephC20 Aug 1826Robert/Hannah BAGSHAW; Moniash: Farmer & InnkeeperMonyashIB
838BAGSHAW, Joseph (b.26.12.1828)C04 Oct 1829?Esther/John BAGSHAW; Elkston: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
839BAGSHAW, JosephW30 Mar 1837William BAGSHAW/Mary WRIGHTBakewellPR/IB
840BAGSHAW, JosephW10 Sep 1837William HOROBIN/Keziah BAGSHAWBakewellPR/IB
841BAGSHAW, JosephC24 Sep 1837William/Mary BAGSHAW; Sterndale: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
842BAGSHAW, Joseph (sg: ba.o.f.a. Farmer)M07 Jan 1839Mary REDFEARN; sg: sp.o.f.a. Servant: Lic.BakewellPR/IB
843BAGSHAW, JosephC27 Feb 1839William/Martha BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
844BAGSHAW, Joseph (b.21.6.1839)C22 Sep 1839Joseph/Olive BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
845BAGSHAW, JosephW18 Dec 1848Henry HUDSON/Elizabeth Gilbert HOUSELYBakewellPR
846BAGSHAW, Joseph (sg:ba.o.f.a. Butcher)M15 Sep 1851Sarah WARDLE; sg:sp.o.f.a. HousekeeperHartingtonPR/IB
847BAGSHAW, Joseph (sg:ba.o.f.a. Farmer)M05 Dec 1851Ann BROOMHEAD; sg:sp.o.f.a. Servt.HartingtonPR/IB
848BAGSHAW, JosephC05 Jun 1853Robert/Kezia BAGSHAW; Custurdfields: LabourerMonyashIB
849BAGSHAW, Joseph (X: a.21: ba. Miner)M02 Feb 1857Mary ASHMORE; X: a.19: sp. Servant W{Marth}E.SterndalePR/IB
850BAGSHAW, Joseph (X: a.21: ba. Labourer)M15 Mar 1858Sarah Ann FLETCHER; sg: a.24: sp. Servant W{Chars}E.SterndalePR/IB
851BAGSHAW, JosephS15 Jan 1860of Burbage; aged 24FairfieldIB
852BAGSHAW, JosephW29 May 1865John BAGSHAW/Barbara STREETE.SterndalePR/IB
853BAGSHAW, JosephS29 Nov 1865of Monyash; aged 26MonyashIB
854BAGSHAW, JosephS30 Oct 1873of Burbage; aged 73BurbageIB
855BAGSHAW, Joseph (wi.o.t.p.)L01 Feb 1874Mary Jones; sp.o.t.p. BuxtonBurbageIB
856BAGSHAW, Joseph (X: ba.o.f.a. Labourer)M10 Nov 1874Selina Ann GOODWIN; sg: sp.o.f.a.BakewellPR/IB
857BAGSHAW, JosephS09 Dec 1882of Buxton; aged 56MonyashIB
858BAGSHAW, JosephS05 Feb 1889of Burbage; aged 10BurbageIB
859BAGSHAW, JoshuahC09 Nov 1697s. George BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of the HollinknowleChapel enle F.IB
860BAGSHAW, JoshuaS01 Oct 1740of Bradshaw-Edge; No Affidavit was brought ...Chapel enle F.IB
861BAGSHAW, JoiceS02 Nov 1762of Hardinsbooth Farm; Staff.LongnorMF
862BAGSHAW, Judith (X: sp.o.t.p)M28 Aug 1768Edward ROBINSON; X: o.t.p. husbandman: W(Robt)E.SterndalePR
863BAGSHAW, KeziaW26 Jul 1835Thomas ASHMORE/Frances OLDFIELDBakewellPR
864BAGSHAW, Keziah (X: sp. minor Servant)M10 Sep 1837William HOROBIN; sg: ba.o.f.a. Servant: W{Jo/Rp}BakewellPR/IB
865BAGSHAW, KiziahS23 Sep 1857of Greengate - Salford; aged 38MonyashIB
866BAGSHAW, LawrenceP       1569(122)IB
867BAGSHAW, LewisX       1714ChurchwardenChapel enle F.IB
868BAGSHAW, LewisS31 Oct 1766at Downlee; i.t.p. Chapel-en-le-frithChapel enle F.IB
869BAGSHAW, Lucy ??W23 Apr 1838Thomas GODDARD/Ann WYATTEyamPR
870BAGSHAW, LydiaS20 Nov 1686filia Petri BAGSHAW/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
871BAGSHAW, LydiaC01 Mar 1715/6fil Tho/:et Sara BAGSHAW; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
872BAGSHAW, LydiaM01 Nov 1742Jno. WIBBERLY; both of KnivetonBakewellIB
873BAGSHAW, LidiaC27 Jan 1748/9d. John BAGSHAW/:& h/wChapel enle F.IB
874BAGSHAW, Lidia (née Shirt)S01 Jun 1749w. John BAGSHAW/Chapel enle F.IB
875BAGSHAW, LydiaC20 Oct 1811d. ?George/Lydia BAGSHAW; Cowdicote: [?Isaac]E.SterndaleIB
876BAGSHAW, Lydia (née Sheldon)S19 Feb 1817of Crowdycote; aged 37E.SterndalePR
877BAGSHAW, MargaretaC13 Feb 1626/7fa ?Rogi BAGSHAW, husb./:et Alicia uxor; de EarlesboothsHartingtonPR
878BAGSHAW, MargaretC30 May 1674d. William BAGSHAW/; FlaggChelmortonIB
879BAGSHAW, MargretS12 May 1680de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
880BAGSHAM, MargretM10 May 1688William BOMFORDHopeTR
881BAGSHAW, MargaretM24 Nov 1692Thomas FURNISSHathersageIG
882BAGSHAW, MargeritS06 Oct 1696de HartingtonHartingtonIB
883BAGSHAW, MargaretaS24 Jun 1700uxor Johannis BAGSHAW/; de GrinlowHopePR/GT
884BAGSHAW, MagaretaS18 Jul 1701fil Nic. BAGSHAW/; de GrinlowHopePR/GT
885BAGSHAW, MargaretaS02 May 1714vidua de CopledaleHopePR/GT
886PRAGSHAW [BAGSHW], MargaretaC01 Jun 1715fa Roberti PRAGSHAW/:et Marie ux.; de EarlsterndaleHartingtonPR
887BAGSHAW, MargaretaS__ Dec 1720fil rob BAGSHAW/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
888BAGSHAW, MargarettC29 Sep 1722d. Samuel BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of the AullgroaveChapel enle F.IB
889BAGSHAW, MargaretS20 Nov 1737d. John BAGSHAW/; of GrindlowHopePR/GT
890BAGSHAW, MargretC11 May 1740fil Thos/Sarah BAGSHAW; of GrindlowHopePR/GT
891BAGSHAWE, Margt.S04 Aug 1747w. Saml. BAGSHAWE/; of the Furnace in TaxallChapel enle F.IB
892BAGSHAW, Margaret (?d.1797)C28 Sep 1755d. Edward/Margaret BAGSHAWBuxtonTR
893BAGSHAW, Margaret (?b.1715)S09 Oct 1757N.O.DFairfieldEB
894BAGSHAW, PeggyS04 Jan 1767spurious Ann BAGSHAW/; of WoodlandHopePR/GT
895BAGSHAW, MargaretS31 Jan 1770d. John BAGSHAW/; of GrindloweHopePR/GT
896BAGSHAW, Margaret (née Brailsford)S03 May 1788N.O.D.FairfieldEB
897BAGSHAW, MargaretP27 Aug 1788of HartingtonHartingtonWC
898BAGSHAW, Margaret (?b.1755)S12 Feb 1797N.O.D.FairfieldEB
899BAGSHAW, MargritW17 Dec 1803Mathew BAGSHAW/Ann SLATERE.SterndalePR/IB
900BAGSHAW, Margaret (sg)M26 Sep 1805Thomas HOLME; sg: both of Buxton i.t.p. W{Tho}BakewellPR/IB
901BAGSHAW, MargaretC27 Jul 1806d. Edward/Mary BAGSHAW; from Burbage: b.22.6FairfieldEB
902BAGSHAW, Margaret (née Norton)S12 Mar 1808of Burbage; aged 89FairfieldEB
903BAGSHAW, MargaretS28 Apr 1814of Burbage; infant (28.4.1813 in 1805-44PR)FairfieldIB
904BAGSHAW, MargaretC30 Jan 1831Joseph BAGSHAW/; Burbage: Collier; b.18.11.1830BuxtonIB
905BAGSHAW, MargaretS04 Aug 1863of Taxal; aged 26E.SterndaleIB
906BAGSHALL, MargeryS20 May 1672fil Georg BAGSHALL/; de AbneyHopePR/GT
907BAGSHAW, MollyC01 Dec 1782d. Robert BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of Hollin'Knowl i.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
908BAGSHAW, MarthaM04 Feb 17--/01Roger GOODWINAlstonfieldIB
909BAGSHAW, Martha (d.1727)C18 Aug 1719d. Thomas BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonPR
910BAGSHAW, MarthaC25 Feb 1719/20fil Geo/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de HasslebadgeHopePR/GT
911BAGSHAW, Martha (b.1719)S06 Mar 1727/8d. Thomas BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonIB
912BAGSHAW, MarthaC28 Jul 1728d. Thomas BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonIB
913BAGSHAW, MarthaC21 Sep 1753d. Wm/Dinah BAGSHAW; FlaggChelmortonIB
914BAGSHAW, MarthaC   Mar 1757d. George BAGSHAW/ChelmortonIB
915BAGSHAW, MarthaM24 Feb 178-Jas CHARLESWORTHAlstonfieldIB
916BAGSHAW, Martha (twin/d.1785)C19 Sep 1785d. David/Mary BAGSHAWMonyashPR
917BAGSHAW, Martha (b.1785)S24 Sep 1785d. David/Mary BAGSHAWMonyashPR
918BAGSHAW, MarthaS26 Dec 1789N.O.D.FairfieldEB
919BAGSHAW, MarthaC13 Mar 1792d. David/Mary BAGSHAWMonyashIB
920BAGSHAW/WAINWRIGHT, Martha (d.1823)C21 Dec 1800d. Wm. BAGSHAW/Ann WAINWRIGHT; Gl. BridgeE.SterndaleIB
921BAGSHAW, Martha (X: of Sheldon)M13 Nov 1809James HEATHCOTE; X: of Moniash: b.o.t.p.BakewellPR/IB
922BAGSHAW, MarthaC10 Jun 1813John/Esther BAGSHAW; Earl Sterndale: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
923BAGSHAW, Martha (b.1800)S05 Aug 1823of Crowdicote; aged 22E.SterndalePR
924BAGSHAW, MarthaM02 Jan 1832Sam NAYLOR; W{Ann}ChelmortonPR/IB
925BAGSHAW, Martha (d.1846)C02 Sep 1843Martha BAGSHAW/; Buxton: Single WomanBuxtonIB
926BAGSHAW, Martha (b.1843)S26 Mar 1846of Burbage; aged 3FairfieldIB
927BAGSHAW, MarthaS14 May 1848of Burbage; aged 41FairfieldIB
928BAGSHAW, MarthaS26 Aug 1855of Burbage; aged 67FairfieldIB
929BAGSHAW, MarthaW02 Feb 1857Joseph BAGSHAW/Mary ASHMOREE.SterndalePR/IB
930BAGSHAW, MarthaS08 Oct 1879of Moniash; aged 82MonyashIB
931BAGSHAW, Martha Brocklehurst (b.17.3.1828)C27 Apr 1828Charles/Martha BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
932BAGSHAWE, MarieM18 May 16--Joseph BOTTOMSAlstonfieldIB
933BAGSHAWE, MariaS09 Sep 1632uxor Rogeri BAGSHAWE/HopePR/GT
934BAGSHAW, MariaC10 Jan 1635/6fa William BAGSHAW/:et Maria ux.; de BiggingHartingtonPR
935BAGSHAWE, MariaS21 Mar 1635/6filia Henrici BAGSHAWE/HopePR/GT
936BAGSHAW, MariaM01 May 1639Johannes NOWELLHopePR/GT
937BAGSHAW, MariaS01 Jan 1642/3BakewellIB
938BAGSHAW, MaryC24 Jan 1666/7d. William BAGSHAW/; FlaggChelmortonIB
939BAGSHAW, Maria?S__ Mar 1669fil Nichola BAGSHAW/:et _____ eius; de Hucklow MagnaHopePR/GT
940BAGSHAW, MariaS01 Jul 1670?w. Willm BAGSHAW/; assumed: N.O.D.HartingtonPR
941BAGSHAW, MaryC13 Aug 1672d. Thomas BAGSHAW/BakewellIB
942BAGSHAW, Mary (d.1700)C25 Feb 1681/2d. William BAGSHAW/; Yeoman of FlaggChelmortonIB
943BAGSHAW, Mary (née Morewood)S14 Jul 1683wife of William BAGSHAW/; of FlaggChelmortonIB
944BAGSHAW, MariaS09 Feb 1683/4vid.; de Hucklow MagnaHopePR/GT
945BAGSHAW, MariaC__ Nov 1689fila Petri/:et Agnes BAGSHAW; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
946BAGSHAW, MaryC02 Mar 1689/90s. & d. of George/Mary BAGSHAW; de HaslebadgeHopePR/GT
947BAGSHAW, MariaC__ Feb 1690/1fil Frans./:et Mil. BAGSHAW; de BradwallHopePR/GT
948BAGSHAW, MariaS26 Jan 1693/4uxor Tho. BAGSHAW/; de Hucklow Mag.HopePR/GT
949BAGSHAW, MariaS28 Jan 1693/4fil Johan. BAGSHAW/; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
950BAGSHAW, MaryM07 Mar 1697/8William JACKSON; Junior: of the Coumbs: b.o.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
951BAGSHAW, MariaS09 Sep 1698fil Jo'nis BAGSHAW/; de GrinlowHopePR/GT
952BAGSHAW, MariamM30 Jan 1698/9Carolus FURNISTideswellIG
953BAGSHAW, MariaM20 Apr 1699___sing?? BAGSHAW; de CoplodaleHopePR/GT
954BAGSHAW, MaryS29 Aug 1699d. Robert BAGSHAW/; juniorChapel enle F.IB
955BAGSHAW, MaryM02 Nov 17--John CHAPMANAlstonfieldIB
956BAGSHAW, MaryS19 Mar 1699/700w. George BAGSHAW/Chapel enle F.IB
957BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1681)S20 Nov 1700d. William BAGSHAW/; deceased of FlaggChelmortonIB
958BAGSHAW, MariaC25 May 1702fil Rob/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de OffertonHopePR/GT
959BAGSHAW, MariaS09 Sep 1702fil Rob. BAGSHAW/; de OffertonHopePR/GT
960BAGSHAW, MariaC2_ Apr 1706fil Robert/:et Gracia BAGSHAW; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
961BAGSHAW, MaryS14 Dec 1706wife of Thomas BAGSHAW/; Gent.BakewellIB
962BAGSHAW, MaryS17 May 1707of HordornChapel enle F.IB
963BAGSHAW, MariaS02 Feb 1708/9uxor Geo. BAGSHAW/; de HaslebadgeHopePR/GT
964BAGSHAW, MariaS27 Oct 1712filia Josephi BAGSHAW/; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
965BAGSHAW, Mary (d.1751)C16 Feb 1713/4d. Lewis/Judith BAGSHAW; of DownleyChapel enle F.IB
966PRAGSHAW [BAGSHW], MarieC?01 Apr 1714fa Rob: PRAGSHAW/:et Marie ux.; de SterndaleHartingtonPR
967BAGSHAW, MaryS05 Jun 1714d. Robert BAGSHAW/Chapel enle F.IB
968BAGSHAW, Mary (o.t.p.)M12 Jan 1715/6David FROST; o.t.p. BakewellChapel enle F.IB
969BAGSHAW, MariaC25 Dec 1716fil Tho/:et Maria BAGSHAW; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
970BAGSHAW, MariaS24 Jan 1716/7fil Tho. BAGSHAW/; de Great HucklowHopePR/GT
971BAGSHAW, MaryC28 May 1720d. Robert BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of Marsh GreenChapel enle F.IB
972BAGSHAW, MaryC21 Nov 1721d. Henry/Hellin BAGSHAW; of AlstonleyChapel enle F.IB
973BAGSHAW, MariaS16 Dec 1721vid. de GrindloweHopePR/GT
974BAGSHAW, MaryC03 Nov 1723fil Peter/:et Ann BAGSHAW; de Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
975BAGSHAW, MaryS10 Jul 1727fil John BAGSHAW/; de GrindlowHopePR/GT
976BAGSHAW, MaryC10 May 1729fil Adam/:et Phoeby BAGSHAW; de Grindlow (query 1(0)?)HopePR/GT
977BAGSHAW, Mrs. MaryS03 Nov 1729BakewellIB
978BAGSHAW, MaryC27 Oct 1734d. John/Ruth BAGSHAW; de AbneyHopePR/GT
979BAGSHAW, MaryS__ Nov 1735of BradwallHopePR/GT
980BAGSHAW, MaryC06 Jan 1736/7d. Tho/Mary BAGSHAW; of Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
981BAGSHAW, MaryS08 Feb 1736/7d. Thos. BAGSHAW/; of Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
982BAGSHAW, MaryS30 Dec 1740Widow of Burbage (Buxton)ChelmortonIB
983BAGSHAW, maryS07 Jan 1741/2Wid.; of Little Huck.HopePR/GT
984BAGSHAW, Mary (d.1742)C28 Apr 1742d. Edward/Margt. BAGSHAW; of BurbageBuxtonTR
985BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1742)S09 May 1742An Infant; Affirmations made the same dayFairfieldEB
986BAGSHAW, MaryS06 Dec 1742fil George BAGSHAW/; of HaslebadgeHopePR/GT
987BAGSHAW, Mary (d.1764)C09 Jan 1744/5d. Robert BAGSHAW/:& Sarah h/w; of EarlsterndaleHartingtonPR
988BAGSHAW, MaryS10 Jan 1745/6uxor Peter BAGSHAW/; of Great HucklowHopePR/GT
989BAGSHAWE, Mary (of Chapel Parish)M24 Feb 1745/6John JOPSON; of Taxall ParishChapel enle F.IB
990BAGSHAW, Mary (m.1768)C10 Mar 1747/8d. Edward BAGSHAW/:& Margaret h/w; of BurbageHartingtonPR
991BAGSHAW, MaryM13 Dec 1748Thomas BRAMHALLChapel enle F.IB
992BAGSHAW, MaryS28 May 1749of SmalldaleHopePR/GT
993BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1713)S31 Jan 1751/2d. Lewis BAGSHAW/; of DownleeChapel enle F.IB
994BAGSHAW, MaryS19 Jan 1754w. Mr. William BAGSHAW, Esq:/; of FordChapel enle F.IB
995BAGSHAW, MaryC01 Apr 1754d. Wm/Dinah BAGSHAW; FlaggChelmortonIB
996BAGSHAW, MaryS08 Nov 1755wife of Ffrancis BAGSHAW/; CoppledaleHopePR/GT
997BAGSHAW, MaryC15 Sep 1762d. George/Mary BAGSHAW; FlaggChelmortonIB
998BAGSHAW, MaryC29 Oct 1762d. George BAGSHAW/; at Marsh GreenChapel enle F.IB
999BAGSHAW, MaryD25 Jan 1764d. of Robert BAGSHAW/:& Sarah h/w; of Sterndale: noted as 17-4 (19)E.SterndaleMI
1000BAGSHAW, Mary (Dupe)S28 Jan 1764d. Robert/Sarah BAGSHAW; of EarlsterndaleHartingtonPR
1001BAGSHAW, MaryS03 Jul 1767d. William BAGSHAW/; of Abney GrangeHopePR/GT
1002BAGSHAW, Mary (X: sp.o.t.p.)M28 Aug 1768William MYCOCK; sg: of Tideswell: CarpenterE.SterndalePR
1003BAGSHAW, MaryS26 Oct 1768w. George BAGSHAW/; of Marsh Green i.t.p.Chapel enle F.IB
1004BAGSHAW, MaryC25 Mar 1772d. William/Margaret BAGSHAWBakewellIB
1005BAGSHAW, MaryC11 Dec 1773d. William/Ellen BAGSHAW; of FearnydaleE.SterndalePR
1006BAGSHAW, Mary (of Bakewell)M05 Mar 1778David BAGSHAWAlstonfieldST
1007BAGSHAW, MaryM08 Sep 178-Matt WHEELDONAlstonfieldIB
1008BAGSHAW, MaryS27 Feb 1781d. William/Ann BAGSHAW; of FernidaleE.SterndaleIB
1009BAGSHAW, MaryC22 Apr 1781d. Robert/Mary BAGSHAW; of Earl SterndaleE.SterndalePR
1010BAGSHAW, MaryC05 Aug 1781d. Geor. BAGSHAW, Junr./:& MarthahMonyashPR
1011BAGSHAW, MaryC09 May 1784Wm. BAGSHAW/Eliz; Archford MoorAlstonfieldIB
1012BAGSHAW, MaryS28 Jan 1788Wm. BAGSHAW/Eliz; Archford MoorAlstonfieldIB
1013BAGSHAW, MaryC04 May 1789d. David BAGSHAW/:& Mary h/wMonyashPR
1014BAGSHAW, MaryC03 Dec 1794d. George/Ann BAGSHAW; SterndaleE.SterndalePR
1015BAGSHAW, MaryS24 Jun 1799N.O.D.FairfieldEB
1016BAGSHAW, MaryM25 Jan 18--Thomas CANTRELAlstonfieldIB
1017BAGSHAW, MaryC08 May 1803d. William/Elizth. BAGSHAWE.SterndaleIB
1018BAGSHAW, MaryC10 Jun 1804d. John/Hannah BAGSHAW; b.14.5BuxtonEB
1019BAGSHAW, Mary (née Garner)S18 Jan 1805wife of Robt. BAGSHAW/; of Earl SterndaleE.SterndalePR
1020BAGSHAW, MaryS21 Apr 1807d. Elizabeth BAGSHAW/; Earl SterndaleE.SterndaleIB
1021BAGSHAW, MaryM09 Nov 1807Richard BLACKWELLHopeIG
1022BAGSHAW, MaryC01 Mar 1809d. Robert/Hannah BAGSHAW; Glutton BridgeE.SterndaleIB
1023BAGSHAW, MaryC20 Jun 1813Mathew/Ann BAGSHAW; Burbage: Lime BurnerBuxtonIB
1024BAGSHAW, MaryS06 Apr 1814of Burbage; aged 15 (6.4.1813 in 1805-44PR)FairfieldIB
1025BAGSHAW, Mary (sg:)M02 Nov 1815Joseph HIBBERT; sg:both of Priestcliffe t.p.Lic.BakewellPR/IB
1026BAGSHAW, Mary (m.1841)C15 Jul 1821John/Jane BAGSHAW; Crowdicote: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
1027BAGSHAW, Mary (sg: wi.o.t.p.)M19 Sep 1821Joseph TURNER; sg: wi.o.t.p. Farmer: w.c.o.p.E.SterndalePR/IB
1028BAGSHAW, MaryW25 Feb 1828Samuel BAGSHAW/Mary FIDLERE.SterndalePR/IB
1029BAGSHAW, MaryC24 May 1828William/Mary BAGSHAW; Sterndale: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
1030BAGSHAW, MariaC27 Jun 1830Robert/Hannah BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
1031BAGSHAW, Mary (b.12.6.1831)C10 Jul 1831John/Francis BAGSHAW; Burbage: Labourer: spelling sic.BuxtonIB
1032BAGSHAW, MaryM07 Nov 1831William DRABBLEHopeIG
1033BAGSHAW, MaryM02 Jan 1832Joseph SKIDMOREChelmortonIB
1034BAGSHAW, Mary (sg:sp.o.t.p.)M20 Dec 1832John WHITE; sg:ba.o.t.p.MonyashPR/IB
1035BAGSHAW, Mary (b.22.4.1833)C19 May 1833Thomas/Martha BAGSHAW; Burbage: LabourerBuxtonIB
1036BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1833)S14 Feb 1836of Coatheath Buxton; aged 2FairfieldEB
1037BAGSHAW, MaryW31 Mar 1836John SMITH/Mary GILMANHartingtonIB
1038BAGSHAW, Mary (b.15.5.1837)C04 Jun 1837Samuel/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
1039BAGSHAW, MaryS19 Mar 1839of Burbage; aged 42 (43 in 1805-44PR)FairfieldEB
1040BAGSHAW, Mary (X: sp.o.f.a. Servant)M02 Sep 1839James LOMAS; sg: ba.o.f.a. FarmerBakewellPR/IB
1041BAGSHAW, Mary (b.21.6.1839)C22 Sep 1839Joseph/Olive BAGSHAW; Burbage: CollierBuxtonIB
1042BAGSHAW, MaryW04 Jun 1841William NORTON/Maria KIRKHAME.SterndalePR
1043BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1837)S11 Jul 1841of Burbage; aged 5FairfieldEB
1044BAGSHAW, Mary (X: wi.o.f.a. née Bennet)M20 Sep 1841John WARD; X: wi.o.f.a. OstlerBakewellPR/IB
1045BAGSHAW, Mary (sg: a.20. sp. Servant)M22 Sep 1841John WARDLE; sg: a.26: ba. Labourer: W{John}E.SterndalePR/IB
1046BAGSHAW, MaryW26 Dec 1843William LOUG/Maria HEATHCOTEE.SterndalePR
1047BAGSHAW, MaryS23 Apr 1845of Hurdsfield co.Chester; aged 43MonyashIB
1048BAGSHAW, MaryS27 Apr 1845of Burbage; aged 31FairfieldIB
1049BAGSHAW, Mary (d.1872)C11 Mar 1846Edward/Elizabeth BAGSHAW; Burbage: LimeburnerBuxtonIB
1050BAGSHAW, MaryM24 May 1847James HANCOCKHopeIG
1051BAGSHAW, MaryC10 Dec 1848Robert/Jane BAGSHAW; Bakewell: ShoemakerBakewellIB
1052BAGSHAW, Mary (X: wi.o.f.a. née Fidler)M08 Sep 1851John HAMLIN; sg: ba.o.f.a. LabourerE.SterndalePR/IB
1053BAGSHAW, MariaW03 Feb 1853Robert BAGSHAW/Kezia HOUSLEYHartingtonPR/IB
1054BAGSHAW, Mary (sg: sp.o.f.a.)M29 Mar 1855Joseph NORTON; sg: ba.o.f.a. Labourer: W{Thos}BakewellPR/IB
1055BAGSHAW, MariaC30 Dec 1855Joseph/Anne BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
1056BAGSHAW, MariaC08 Feb 1857Ralph/Ann BAGSHAW; High Needham: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
1057BAGSHAW, Maria (sg: sp.o.f.a.)M23 Feb 1857Mathew WILTON; sg: ba.o.f.a. Farmer: Lic.BakewellPR/IB
1058BAGSHAW, Mary (X: a.23: wi. née Ashmore)M27 May 1861James WAGSTAFF; X: a.23: ba. Lime HomeE.SterndalePR/IB
1059BAGSHAW, MaryS05 Oct 1862of Crowdicote; aged 43E.SterndaleIB
1060BAGSHAW, MaryS17 Nov 1871of Ipstones; aged 56MonyashIB
1061BAGSHAW, Mary (b.1846)S18 May 1872of The Beat Burbage; aged 26BurbageIB
1062BAGSHAW, Maria (sg:a.18: sp.)M22 Nov 1875William GOULD; sg:ba.o.f.a. Farmer:Lic. W{Eliz}HartingtonPR/IB
1063BAGSHAWE, MaryW14 Nov 1876Bennett NEEDHAM/Ellen BAGSHAWEBakewellPR/IB
1064BAGSHAW, MaryS29 Aug 1880of Earl Sterndale; aged 82E.SterndaleIB
1065BAGSHAW, MaryS22 Sep 1885of Burbage; aged 75BurbageIB
1066BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (X:)M26 Dec 1831John MYCOCK; X: both of Flagg i.t.p.BakewellPR/IB
1067BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (aged 3yr.)C09 Jan 1838George/Hannah BAGSHAW; Sterndale: FarmerE.SterndaleIB
1068BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (d.1867)C07 Jun 1842Samuel/Mary BAGSHAW; Chedleton Park Staffs: FarmerMonyashIB
1069BAGSHAW, Mary AnnW15 Jan 1844Jasper HALL/Ann BLAGDENBakewellPR
1070BAGSHAW, Mary AnnW28 May 1855Thomas AUSTIN/Elizabeth BAGSHAWBakewellPR/IB
1071BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (sg: sp.o.f.a.)M08 Mar 1858Joseph TWIGG; sg: wi.o.f.a. Mason: W{Ad/Wm/Sr}BakewellPR/IB
1072BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (b.1842)S17 Feb 1867of Monyash; aged 24MonyashIB
1073BAGSHAW, Mary AnnS11 Mar 1883of Bridges Farm Burbage; aged 53BurbageIB
1074BAGSHAW, Mary AnnW19 May 1886Henry WILTON/Jane Ann BAGSHAWMonyashPR/IB
1075BAGSHAW, Mary Ann (b.16.3.1869)C09 Nov 1890Joseph/Ann BAGSHAW; Harper Hill Buxton: FarmerMonyashIB
1076BAGSHAW, Mary Ellen (sp.)L21 Sep 1884James Belfield; ba. b.o.t.p.BurbageIB
1077BAGSHAW, Mary EmmaS01 Apr 1867of Burbage; aged 3BurbageIB
1078BAGSHAW, Mary LouisaC27 Nov 1859John/Margaret BAGSHAW; CrowdicoteE.SterndaleIB
1079BAGSHAW, Mathew (sg: o.t.p. Labourer)M17 Dec 1803Ann SLATER; X: sp.o.t.s. W(Thos/Margt)E.SterndalePR/IB
1080BAGSHAW, MatthewW12 Nov 1814George PLANT/Sarah BAGSHAWE.SterndalePR/IB
1081BAGSHAW, Mathew (b.26.9.1829)C25 Oct 1829Robert/Mary BAGSHAW; Burbage: LabourerBuxtonIB
1082BAGSHAW, Mathew (b.1.6.1831)C26 Jun 1831Thomas/Martha BAGSHAW; Burbage: FarmerBuxtonIB
1083BAGSHAW, Matthew (m.1880)C03 Feb 1848Edward/Elizabeth BAGSHAW; fm. treeBuxtonIB
1084BAGSHAW, Mathew (b.c1776)S15 Jun 1849of Bete Burbage; aged 73FairfieldIB
1085BAGSHAW, MathewW30 Jul 1854John WRENSHAW/Hannah REDFEARNE.SterndalePR
1086BAGSHAW, Mathew (m.1876)C11 May 1856Robert/Keziah BAGSHAW; Monyash: FarmerMonyashIB
1087BAGSHAW, Mathew (sg:a:20: ba. Labourer)M07 Jun 1876Sarah Ann BLOOD; X: a.19: sp. W{Sara}MonyashPR/IB
1088BAGSHAW, Mathew (b.1831)S25 Jul 1877of Wye Head; aged 46BurbageIB
1089BAGSHAW, Mathew (ba.)L31 Oct 1880Martha Orritt; sp. b.o.t.p.BurbageIB
1090BAGSHAW, MathewW09 Apr 1898Robert Edwin BAGSHAW/Elizabeth NAYLORMonyashPR/IB
1091BAGSHAW, Matw.W21 Aug 1813Thomas BAGSHAW/Alice BENNETTBuxtonPR/IB
1092BAGSHAW, MelicintiaS02 Dec 1722uxor Francisci BAGSHAW/; de SmaldaleHopePR/GT
1093BAGSHAW, NathanialC30 Jan 1696/7s. Mr. Samuel BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of the Ford: bap by his g.fatherChapel enle F.IB
1094BAGSHAW, NathanielC__ Feb 1741/2fil Bartholomew/Mary BAGSHAW; of ______HopePR/GT
1095BAGSHAW, Mr. NathanielS01 Apr 1764from Bowden Head; i.t.p. of Chapel-en-le frithChapel enle F.IB
1096BAGSHAW, NathanielC02 Nov 1777s. Nathaniel BAGSHAW/; HollinscloughLongnorBT
1097BAGSHAW, Nathaniel (sg: ba.o.f.a. Farmer)M28 Jul 1863Harriet Wood CRITCHLOW; sg: wi.o.f.a. W{Danl}BakewellPR/IB
1098BAGSHAWE, NicholasP       1619(41); AdminIB
1099BAGSHAW, NicholasS01 Oct 1671N.O.D.HartingtonPR
1100BAGSHAW, NicholasM03 Oct 1693Gracia TOWNSEND; de GreenlowHopePR/GT
1101BAGSHAW, Nicholas (of Greenlow)M26 May 1702Anne FURNACE; de Eyam wi.EyamPR
1102BAGSHAW, NicholasC11 Jan 1723/4s. Joshua BAGSHAW/:& h/w; of the HollinknowleChapel enle F.IB
1103BAGSHAW, NicholasS09 Feb 1768from Combs; i.t.p. Chapel-en-le-frithChapel enle F.IB

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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Abraham to Grace
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